We Welcome Chris Esguerra To Our Team

on January 29, 2023

By AI Healthcare Capital, Jan. 29th, 2023

AI Safety Holdings Leadership Team is honored on the celebration day for the company! Today, we are happy to announce that we are welcoming to the team another one of the brightest minds, Chris Esguerra, MD, MBA. 

All the successes of great companies are created by the right people, thank you Chris for being a part of this wonderful event with us. 

As we expand our team we have been looking for additional team members with a diverse experiences to assist us in our mission to fundamentally change the healthcare industry trough investments and acquisitions. Chris sees what we see, innovation in isolation, meaning that there are many interesting technologies in the healthcare technology space, but the all solve part of the problem. With Chris on board we will be in a better position to take a systems approach to solve the problems in today’s healthcare system.

About Chris: https://aihealthcarecapital.com/team-details-boa.html#chris-esguerra

Thank you to all our team members, partners and friends that made it happen with us. 

Ewelina Woloszyn, Mark Garver and Richard Nordstrom

AI Safety Holdings TeamWe Welcome Chris Esguerra To Our Team