Our Vision

"Our purpose is to revolutionize healthcare, to be like a trusted family friend who takes care of you and your loved ones, saving and improving your life, and having an impact for everyone on the planet."

Ewelina Wołoszyn - Managing Partner and Founder

To Save and Protect Life

We are a growth stage Private Equity Fund focused on protecting and improving people’s lives, from patients to healthcare professionals by revolutionizing the healthcare system through investments and acquisitions in Healthcare Technology.

Our Goal is to Solve These Important Problems:

Healthcare Access and Affordability
  • Lack of Access to Care
  • Price of Treatment
  • Difficulty Navigating Healthcare Options
  • Inability to Access Medical Records
Empowering Healthcare Workers
  • Global Shortage of Professionals
  • Burnout
  • Patient Overload
  • Lack of Process Automation
  • Can lead to Death
  • Lack of Access to Diagnostic Tools
  • Lack of Early Disease Detection
  • Cyber Attacks Can Impact Treatment
  • Healthcare System Overload
  • Lack of Access to Care
  • Lack of Remote Diagnosis
  • Lack Options for In Home Care

We Are Making an Impact

By investing in companies focused in the following areas, we are putting together a winning portfolio to provide best-in-class healthcare solutions.

Heatlhcare Technology

Healthcare systems involve volumes of data, or what we call big data. More effective utilization of this data across different healthcare technologies will lead to creating a better healthcare system for the good of patients and healthcare workers.

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Technology

The application of AI in healthcare can have a direct impact for patients, including reducing misdiagnosis, access to treatment and a more trusted system. For healthcare workers, it can reduce burnout by optimizing health process and providing better tools to them.

Healthcare organizations are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks, these attacks have already had a direct impact on patients, including death. By applying AI-based cyber security to these systems and technology, we can better protect the people and systems from the growing attacks.

Accolades and Affiliations

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