Where is the health-tech money going, is it growing and is there an end in sight? Part 3 of 3

on May 15, 2022

by Richard Nordstrom, May 15, 2022

Is there an end in sight?

So what are the experts saying about the future of health-tech sector investment? According to Dr. Brenton Fargnoli,  Managing Partner ALLEYCORP HEALTHCARE FUND “There’s tremendous talent in the digital health sphere right now, which bodes well for the capital to continue flowing. We’re seeing folks who have been part of unicorns or digital health exits who want to be founders or founding team members. There’s also an influx of people from outside of healthcare who have been touched by the pandemic and are inspired to do something.”

Peter Micca,  Senior Partner, National Health Tech Leader DELOITTE “Healthcare is complex.  The reality is the demand  for solutions and technology in the industry far exceeds the supply. As long as that’s the case, companies will  get funded.”

Chris Lloyd Managing Director Healthcare and Life Sciences J.P. Morgan “We continue to see a healthy private capital market that rewards growth and innovation in healthcare. A more challenging path to the public markets and the prevalence of point solutions in digital health should lead to growing consolidation by a new generation of well capitalized, differentiated healthcare platforms. These companies are increasingly raising capital for anticipated M&A opportunities as well as organic growth.”

The Healthcare tech environment is addressing incredible need in the market for data analytics, care equity improvement, access to healthcare and clinical efficiency. Healthcare is complex. It is very big. And there are many unmet needs. Innovation is happening all over the globe and investors are looking for problem solving growth opportunities. The outlook for the future of health-tech investment is strong.

AI Healthcare Capital TeamWhere is the health-tech money going, is it growing and is there an end in sight? Part 3 of 3