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Leadership – You Just Know

on February 1, 2022

by Mark Garver February 1, 2022

Throughout my career I have been blessed with so many opportunities to make a difference in business, industry and to the teams I have led. In 2018, I was invited to become a vetted member of the Houston Business Journal Leadership Trust, which is a network for business owners and executives, not only locally but nationally. As a proud member, we are able to share ideas with one another, contribute our knowledge through articles, surveys and mentoring programs. It is truly one of the best networks of business professionals I have ever been a part of.

Through the Leadership Trust, I have had the fortune of meeting new business owners, entrepreneurs and executives starting their careers, and you can always see immediately who is going to win and accomplish the vision they have for themselves. It is fun and exciting to be involved with these dedicated professionals, and to assist them in any way possible.

This leads to one of the most incredible opportunities, or ventures I have ever been involved with, and it started with an energetic entrepreneur, full of passion and a great vision. That person is, Ewelina Woloszyn, CEO, Managing Partner and Founder of AI Safety Holdings. Ewelina reached out to me, however, her introduction was unique, so I agreed to a Zoom introductory meeting.

During that first meeting, I knew this was someone who would succeed, and quite honestly wanted to be a part of her venture. It has been an incredible journey, and the key is this; Leadership, You Just Know! This was what I ended that first meeting with, I just knew that she was a leader I wanted to not just work with, but to follow! When you find it, You just know.

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