The Cost of Healthcare is a Top Issue for Patients

on January 19, 2022

by Ewelina Wołoszyn January 19, 2022

The cost of healthcare is most likely the number one issue to a patient, right at the top with quality of care. What can be done to help patients better navigate through this complex process? It is not as difficult as you might think, especially through the power of artificial intelligence (AI), the data is there, we just need to use it differently.

Today, there are a couple of companies that we have been evaluating that process information such as cost of care, cost of care vs. insurance coverage and much of the information that can be used to help the patient. These technologies are currently used solely by the healthcare provider and the insurance companies, with no benefit to the people that could truly benefit from this information… the patient.

This information can be used to provide a patient with an estimate of cost of care, as well as the probability of the amount their insurance provider will cover. In a better world, they could ask the system questions and even be guided to a provider that optimizes their care at a lower cost, with a higher level of insurance benefit.

Can you imagine an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced system that can truly become the patient advocate, helping them to navigate through the complex world of healthcare, the cost of care and providing them the options they need! The technology exists today, we just need to use it to help the patient’s, the people impacted daily by the cost of healthcare, providing smart choices for them.

Patients care about the cost and quality of care, and at AI Safety Holdings, we are working to help patients navigate the complex world of getting the affordable quality care they deserve.

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AI Healthcare Capital TeamThe Cost of Healthcare is a Top Issue for Patients